We have a list of concerns.

  • Bubbles

    It has become too easy to demonize “others” in our society. We want to be conscious of our isolated, political spheres and the harm it causes to remain within them.

  • Sustainability

    Our environment is in danger of regressing to its pre-EPA state. Even if it isn’t free or easy, we feel it is important to act upon the impact climate change has and will have on our lives.

  • Truth

    The blurring of facts and truth are troubling. Proliferation of misinformation and the term “fake news” aren’t healthy for any of us, and we must do better at identifying truth from fiction.

  • Representation

    The most powerful, politically, are the most distant from everyday life. We want to be more connected to those that represent us.

  • Civil Rights

    Civil and human rights aren’t a given in our society. We all need to be mindful of our own privilege, regardless of how aware we feel we may be. Freedom for some often outweighs equity for all in contemporary America.